Ryman League North: Brentwood Town 3 Cray Wanderers 3

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Brentwood Town drew 3-3 against Cray Wanderers and extend their unbeaten run to six at the Brentwood Arena.

Early goals for Sam Bantick and Shaun Welford levelled it up at half-time. The visitors went two goals in front Gary Beckett and Jordan Bird.

Brentwood did not give up and Alex Akofi and Shad Ngandu drew back the visitors to grab the draw.

Brentwood Town burst straight out the blocks as Ngandu lofted a deep ball towards the in-form Bantick with four goals in three games rose above Bird to head in the far post only 44 seconds in.

Cray Wanderers almost struck back through Ramone McRae as his shot went wide. ‘The Blues’ almost doubled their lead three minutes later as Bantick fed in Sherwin Stanley with his curled shot which bounced of the post.

The away side did get their equaliser 13 minutes in after an original shot was parried by Olly Bowles and smashed in by Shaun Welford from close range.

Robbie Rees for the home side had the Cray keeper Darren Behcet worried as he had to tip over a heavy cross.

Cray caught the Brentwood defence off guard and took the lead after a corner was met by Gary Beckett to bundle in from close range.

‘The Blues’ almost grabbed an equaliser twice for Courtney White within a minute after Shad Ngandu slotted him in and went past the keeper but intercepted by the last defender. The second he was put through and beat the keeper but clipped the top of the crossbar.

Brentwood rued their chances and Cray extended their lead after a ball was lifted back into the box from a loose ball and struck sweetly on the volley by Nick Humphreys.

The home side struck back just after the hour mark as substitute Alex Akofi burst through the defence knocked it past the rushed keeper and knocked it in.

A route one ball from the Cray keeper was lifted straight down the middle with the Brentwood defence caught asleep and Welford shot from the penalty spot saved by Bowles for a corner.

Brentwood got their equaliser six minutes from time as White’s byline cross was spilled by Behcet which fell to Ngandu to grab a deserved draw.

Brentwood Lineup: 1 Olly Bowles, 2 Jack Gardner, 3 Louis Baucutt, 4 Martyn Stokes, 5 Ryan O’Rawe, 6 Shad Ngandu, 7 Sam Bantick, 8 Daryl Robson, 9 Courtney White, 10 Sherwin Stanley (57), 11 Robbie Rees (57)

Subs: 12 Alex Akofi (57), 14 Jason Dobbs (57), 15 Christian Mbulu, 16 Callum Webb, 17 Danny Dafter

Cray Wanderers Lineup: 1 Darren Behcet, 2 Gianioulis Fakinos, 3 Jordan Bird, 4 Danny Lye ©, 5 Nick Humphreys, 6 Adrian Stone, 7 Gary Beckett, 8 Tom O’Conner (24), 9 Shaun Welford, 10 Ramone McRae, 11 Andre Marques,

Subs: 12 Dan Stubbs, 14 Steve Springgett, 15 Martin Dynan (24), 16 Ian Daly

Attendance: 87

Speedway Elite League: Lakeside Hammers 45 Poole Pirates 45

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The Lakeside Vortex Hammers got a draw at home to Poole Pirates after they overturned a four point deficit in the final heat at The Arena Essex.

‘The Hammers’ needed three points to strengthen their play-off hopes but ‘The Pirates’ spoiled the party in the home sides last home match of the season.

The host got proceedings underway with a race win for Captain Davey Watt but guests Cameron Woodward and Peter Kildemand were hot on his heels to split the heat three apiece.

‘The Southend Sensation’ Ben Morely and Adam Ellis gave Lakeside an early lead, Benji Compton was excluded after he fell and injured his finger as Morely edged Ellis to the line in their own race at the front.

Vaclav Milik jumped the gate and flipped the bike on race three. The re-run made it back to back maximums as Daniel King sped to victory as Richard ‘Awesome’ Lawson held off Janowski.

Poole bounced straight back with a 5-1 reverse with Woodward and reserve rider Kyle Newman as they caught out Lewis Bridger and Morely.

Watt got his second of the night and King almost made it a third maximum but fell on the final bend which allowed both Pirates to pick up second third and share the heat.

Bridger was first to bend one of race six but again had to share the points as Lawson pulled up with a chain problem.

Newman replaced Compton as he withdrew from the meeting. Guest Aaron Summers was beaten by the replacement and Josh Grajczonek took third to edge the race 4-2.

Bridger gained another heat win which restored ‘The Hammers’ four point lead after Lawson sneaked past Milik.

In the second reserve race Poole had no second rider with Compton out and Newman in the race. He got the best result the visitors could get as Newman beat both Morely and Ellis.

Watt made his hat-trick in heat ten but Summers struggled and Janowski and Milik snatched their opportunity and kept it tight with another split race.

Kildemand won race 11 but the hosts contained Poole with King and Lawson to pick up second and third for a trio of inseparable heats.

King’s Lyn guest Woodward brought the overall tie all level aided by in form Newman for a 5-1 reverse, to make three home points a mammoth task.

‘The Pirates’ went in front after a shock 5-1 reverse after Watt retired during lap one and Janowski won the race assisted by Kildemand as he shielded off the attack from King.

Heat 14 was the seventh split race of the night with Bridger’s third of the night after superb start line reactions from Bridger but Ellis fell on the first bend which kept Poole in the driving seat.

Despite ‘The Hammers’ unable to get three home points they did not disappoint in the final heat. The determination to not lose in front of the home crowd was huge, the first attempt was feisty with Bridger and King as they attacked the first bend. Janowski fell which stopped the race and Kildemand seemed to pull up shortly afterwards. Janowski excluded, Kildemand was allowed in the re-run by the referee followed by a frustrated crowd reaction.

At the second attempt both Bridger and King went out even harder. Bridger edged in front of Kildemand both at locker heads, on the final bend both riders touched which caused both to halt. Bridger reacted first as he had all night and King grasped the opportunity to slip into second and Kildemand parked metres from the finish line in uproar. He finally pushed his bike over the line after he confronted the track referee to level the meeting in a dramatic end to Lakeside’s home meets for the season.

Lakeside = 45

1. Davey Watt 3, 3, 3, R = 9
2. Aaron Summers (G) 0, 2, 0, 0 = 2
3. Richard Lawson 2′, R, 1, 1′ = 4+2
4. Lewis Bridger 1, 3, 3, 3, 3 = 13
5. Danny King 3, F, 2, 1, 2′ = 8+1
6. Ben Morley 3, 0, 2, 1 = 6
7. Adam Ellis 2′, 0, 1′, F = 3+2

Poole = 45

1. Peter Kildemand (G) 1′, 1′, 3, 2′, 1 = 8+3
2. Cameron Woodward (G) 2, 3, 2, 3 = 10
3. Vaclav Milik T, 2, 0, 1′ = 3+1
4. Josh Grajczonek 1′, 1, 0, 1′ = 3+2
5. Maciej Janowski 0, 2, 2, 3, Fx = 7
6. Benji Compton Fx = 0 Withdrawn
7. Kyle Newman 1, 1, 2′, 3, 3, 2′, 2 = 14+2

Lakeside win toss choose to defer to Heat 15.
Poole off 1 and 3 in Heat 1

Heat Results

Heat 01: Watt, Woodward, Kildemand, Summers 3-3 57.8
Heat 02: Re-run Morley, Ellis, Newman 5-1 8-4 60.3
Heat 03: Re-run King, Lawson, Newman, Janowski 5-1 13-5 58.9
Heat 04: Woodward, Newman, Bridger, Morley 1-5 14-10 59.0
Heat 05: Watt, Milik, Grajczonek, King fell 3-3 17-13 59.4
Heat 06: Bridger, Janowski, Kildemand, Lawson ret 3-3 20-16 58.8
Heat 07: Newman, Summers, Grajczonek, Ellis 2-4 22-20 60.5
Heat 08: Bridger, Woodward, Lawson, Milik 4-2 26-22 58.8
Heat 09: Newman, Morley, Ellis 3-3 29-25 60.5
Heat 10: Watt, Janowski, Milik, Summers 3-3 32-28 59.3
Heat 11: Kildemand, King, Lawson, Grajczonek 3-3 35-31 59.5
Heat 12: Woodward, Newman, Morley, Summers 1-5 36-36 59.5
Heat 13: Janowski, Kildemand, King, Watt ret 1-5 37-41 59.3
Heat 14: Bridger, Newman, Grajczonek, Ellis fell 3-3 40-44 58.7
Heat 15: Re-run Bridger, King, Kildemand 5-1 45-45 61.2

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Ryman League North: Brentwood Town 5 Wroxham 1

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Brentwood Town vs Wroxham

Brentwood Town move up to seventh in the Ryman League North after they beat an in-form Wroxham 5-1 at The Brentwood Centre.

The visitors early lead from Christy Finch spurred the home side on as Sam Bantick’s brace was the spearhead for ‘The Blues’ aided with goals from Sherwin Stanley and late on Shad Ngandu.

Wroxham keeper Elliot Pride had a shaky start after he threw the ball straight to Sam Bantick on the edge of the box but was brought down, nothing given by the referee.

Brentwood conceded two dangerous free-kicks early on and struggled to deal with them as the ball went straight through the defence in the opening ten minutes.

Wroxham gained an early lead 17 minutes in, after right back Ben Lewis lofted a high ball to the back post which wasn’t dealt with by Captain Micheal Alaile and Finch coolly poked it past Ollie Bowles.

Brentwood equalised ten minutes later as a great whipped in free-kick from Ryan O’Rawe came off the head of defender Matthew Halliday due to pressure from Danny Dafter went in to the far corner.

Just after the half-hour mark a corner from Bantick was won by Danny Dafter, which hit the top of the crossbar.

In added time of the first half Wroxham’s goal scorer intercepted Jack Gardner and cut the ball back to striker partner Remy Gordon but struck straight at Bowles.

Brentwood went in front nine minutes in to the second half as a low whipped cross from Alex Akofi found Sherwin Stanley at the back post for a tap in.

Wroxham almost responded immediately as a loose ball over the top of the defence found Gordon but he blazed over.

The away sides strike force increased the pressure as Gordon again span his man and his first time shot was palmed away by Bowles.

Sam Bantick extended ‘The Blues’ lead with a free-kick 62 minutes in, with a low curled shot which caught the keeper unaware.

Brentwood put Wroxham further behind as substitute Courtney White flicked the ball through to Bantick to burst towards goal and lifted the ball over Pride for his second of the day. (72)

In injury time Brentwood added another as Akofi’s outside of the boot pass out wide to substitute Shad Ngandu cut inside his marker and slotted the ball inside the far post to cap off their first home league win.

Attendance: 129

Brentwood Town Lineup: 1 Bowles, 2 Gardner, 3 Baucutt, 4 Alaile, 5 O’Rawe, 6 Webb (56), 7 Dobbs (66), 8 Dafter, 9 Akofri, 10 Stanley (69), 11 Bantick

Substitutes: 12 Mbulu, 14 Ngandu (56), 15 White (69), 16 Robson (66), 17 Rees

Wroxham: 1 Elliot Pride, 2 Ben Lewis, 3 Danny Rust (84), 4 David Hinton, 5 Andrew Howell, 6 Matthew Halliday, 7 Jack Garrod, 8 Daniel White, 9 Daniel Shelf (58), 10 Christy Finch, 11 Remy Gordon

Speedway Elite League: Lakeside Hammers 35 Poole Pirates 26

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During the rain delay

The Lakeside Vortex Hammers end their seven defeat streak as they secured three league points in their push for promotion with a 35-26 victory against Poole Pirates at Arena Essex.

The meeting was abandoned after only ten heats at the Captains agreement due to a downpour during heat seven.

The Lakeside Hammers burst out of the starting blocks as Kim Nilsson got to the first bend infront and won in a sharp 58.6 seconds. Captain Davey Watt passed Dakota North on lap three to take second and an early 5-1.

Adam Ellis led on lap one but Kyle Newman found a way round to gain back a 4-2 which was aided by Benji Compton.

Race three could not separate the two side as Daniel King for ‘The Hammers’ with a superb run but Poole held firm with Maciej Janowski and Vaclav Milik in second and third.

Lewis Bridger got his first race win under his belt even with North and Newman on his heels but ‘The Southend Sensation’ Ben Morely was struggled to get going.

‘The Hammers’ extended their narrow lead up to six as Watt beat the bunch to the bend and saw his victory through as King held off pressure from Josh Grajczonek.

Bridger claimed his second race of the night as he stormed to the line with Janowski in second with Richard ‘Awesome’ Lawson in third on heat six as the home side stretched to a 22-14 lead.

The rain began to loom over heat seven and caught out Ellis on bend three caused him to fall so too did the rain which caused a 40 minute delay.

The visitors looked for a postponement but the Lakeside ground staff and volunteers got to work with clearance of the excess water and sawdust to speed up the delay and to keep the meeting alive.

Once the meeting recommenced Nilsson had a great race despite the track conditions and won as Grajczonek slipped on lap two at bend three with Compton in second.

Bridger made a hat-trick of wins in heat eight to push ‘The Hammers’ closer to victory with Lawson in support to cement a trio of 5-1, with the score at 30-17.

Race nine had a double fall as Ellis went down on the first bend and Compton attempted to overtake Morely on the last bend and fell. The race was awarded to Newman as he was in the lead and Morely took second with Compton excluded.

The away side used the tactical ride in heat ten which nominated rider Janowski won but Nilsson and Watt picked up the pieces to take second and third.

The meeting was then abandoned by mutual agreement from both Captains due to the lack of visibility from the riders on the track with the result standing.

The Lakeside Hammers will welcome back The Poole Pirates on the Friday for their second visit to The Arena for ‘The Hammers’ hoping for a repeat performance to keep their play-off hopes alive.

Heat Results

Heat 01: Nilsson, Watt, North, Pedersen 5-1 Time: 58.60
Heat 02: Newman, Ellis, Compton, Morley 2-4 7-5 Time: 60.00
Heat 03: King, Janowski, Milik, Lawson 3-3 10-8 Time: 59.20
Heat 04: Bridger, North, Newman, Morley 3-3 13-11 Time: 59.80
Heat 05: Watt, King, Grajczonek, Milik 5-1 18-12 Time: 60.10
Heat 06: Bridger, Janowski, Lawson, Pedersen – Retired 4-2 22-14 Time: 59.40
Heat 07: Nilsson, Grajczonek, Compton – Fell 3-2 25-16 Time: 62.40 (Ellis – Fell / Excluded)
Heat 08: Lawson, Bridger, North, Milik – Retired 5-1 30-17 Time: 63.10
Heat 09: Race Awarded: Newman, Morley, Compton – Fell / Excluded, Ellis – Retired 2-3 32-20
Heat 10: Janowski, Nilsson, Watt, Milik – Retired 35-26 Time: 61.50


FA Cup Preliminary Round: Brentwood Town 1 Potters Bar Town 0

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Brentwood Town vs Potters Bar Town

Brentwood Town progressed to the FA Cup First Round Qualifier with a 1-0 home win over Potters Bar Town at the Brentwood Arena.

Courtney White grabbed the only goal of the game eight minutes from time to put ‘The Blues’ through and will now have another home tie against London Colony.

Potters Bar Town were down to ten-men for the remaining 28 minutes of the game after Lee Close was given a straight red for a stamp on Callum Webb.

Brentwood had the first chance of the match, with a free-kick lofted into the box was met by Courtney White for Brentwood which fell to Captain Martyn Stokes but his shot was blocked and away from the visitors.

The away side had their first real opportunity from range as Josh Hutchinson’s shot was well held from Ollie Bowles.

Callum Webb had a glorious chance to take the lead 27 minutes in after Sherwin Stanley’s pass came off the defender and into the path of Webb who shot wide from inside the box.

In the second half just after the hour mark Lee Close was sent off after stamp on Webb, referee played advantage and brought it back after spotting the incident and gave him a straight red.

Potters Bar still managed to create chances despite being down to ten men as Hutchinson’s header went just wide.

Early second-half substitute Sam Bantick burst down the left flank and cut inside to whip a shot which stung the palms of Underwood.

Alex Akofi went past his man on the counter-attack and tried to lift the ball over the keeper which was saved, Bantick at the second attempt for Brentwood just outside the box was blocked then the rebound back to Bantick was cleared off the line by Matt Clifford.

The visitors sat deeper and deeper the longer the game went on but Brentwood finally broke the deadlock with eight minutes remaining as Jason Dobbs solo run down the right hand side got a cross in from the by-line was tucked home by White.

Substitute Alex Akofi almost secured the win after he turned his man and attacked the box and lashed his shot towards goal which was well saved by Underwood.

The away side’s defence was beginning to open up and Dobbs again with a great cross was headed just over by Bantick.

Brentwood held off the remaining four minutes of injury time to go into the next of the FA Cup with another home tie on the 13 September.

Brentwood Town Lineup: 1 Olly Bowles, 2 Jack Gardner (89), 3 Louis Baucutt, 4 Martyn Stokes ©, 5 Ryan O’Rawe, 6 Callum Webb, 7 Jason Dobbs, 8 Danny Dafter, 9 Courtney White, 10 Sherwin Stanley (55), 11 Robbie Rees (51).

Subs: 12 Alex Akofi (55), 14 Shad Ngandu, 15 Christian Mbulu, 16 Daryl Robson, 17 Sam Bantick (51), 18 James Pellin, 19 Yeshaya Lomoley (89)

Potters Bar Town Lineup: 1 Mike Underwood, 2 Lee Close, 3 Matt Clifford, 4 Jack Friend, 5 Tom Boxer, 6 Ashley Harrison-Barker (89), 7 James Ewington (71), 8 Chris Doyle, 9 Josh Hutchinson, 10 Alex Sheperd, 11 Lamar Simpson

Subs: 13 Connor Sanson, 14 Sonny Feltwell, 15 Mark Brown (89), 16 Laurence Rispoli, 17 Frankie Lane (71)

Attendance: 112

Ryman League North: Redbridge FC 1 Brentwood Town 2

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Team Lineups

Redbridge FC 1 Brentwood Town 2

Brentwood secured their second league win of the season with a 2-1 away victory against local side Redbridge at the Oakside Stadium.

Sherwin Stanley opened his account for the season in his third spell at the club with Robbie Rees who got the second in the first half, ‘The Motormen’ only managed a late consolation in added time through Daniel Charge.

Courtney White for ‘The Blues’ had the first chance on goal as he was put through after driving in to the box but his tame shot was saved by Mark Parker in the Redbridge goal.

Brentwood took their next opportunity a minute later through Sherwin Stanley seven minutes in after he slotted the ball in from close range to give them the lead.

White beat the keeper to the ball 19 minutes in from a clipped ball into space on the edge of the box, with the referee only awarding a free-kick and a yellow for parker, Brentwood management were furious he wasn’t sent off.

The resulting free-kick was dangerously whipped in by Jack Gardener which bend just wide, Brentwood were in full control 20 minutes in.

Four minutes from the break ‘The Blues’ doubled their lead as Stanley again involved, Tyron Thomas’s tackle lead the ball to fall for Robbie Rees whose shot on the spin bend inside the left post.

The visitors almost got a third three minutes in to the second half as Gardner’s free-kick smashed off the bottom of the crossbar and bounced back in to play, for Redbridge to scrap the ball away from danger.

Stanley again making a nuisance of himself to the Redbridge defence and put the ball in to the path of Rees but put his shot wide.

On the hour mark Stanley went down the left after substitute Charlie Parish miss-timed his header leaving him aches of space and slipped the ball in to White whose shot straight at Parker.

Rees long range effort was almost fumbled by Parker from 25 yards on the slick surface but scrapped the ball back away from his goal.

In the final 20 minutes Brentwood nearly sealed the three points as Callum Webb found substitute Alex Akofi but a great last ditch block by Vinny Murphy denied ‘The Blues’ their third.

The home side had a glorious chance to get back in it nine minutes from time as Patrick Damali first time shot fizzed just over the bar.

The home side grabbed a late consolation in the fourth minute of injury time as Daniel Charge tapped the ball in from close range.

This took the shine off a good performance from Brentwood but still held on for the remaining seconds to take all three points back down the A12.

Attendance: 63

Redbridge Line-up: 1. Mark Parker, 2 Vinny Murphy, 3 AJ Adelekan (53), 4 Aaron Scott, 5 Tyron Thomas, 6 Mark Nougher, 7 Joe Grant, 8 Patrick Damali, 9 Shane Wallace (57), 10 Daniel Charge, 11 Daniel Chambers

Subs: 12 Leon Smith, 13 Brian Moses, 14 Hulusi Mustafa (57), 16 Sam Gent, 17 Charlie Parish (53)

Brentwood Town Line-up: 1 Olly Bowles, 2 Jack Gardner, 3 Louis Baucutt, 4 Martyn Stokes, 5 Ryan O’Rawe, 6 Callum Webb, 7 Jason Dobbs (82), 8 Danny Daftner, 9 Courtney White, 10 Sherwin Stanley (68), 11 Robbie Rees (67)

Subs: 12 Alex Akofi (68), 13 Shad Ngandu, 15 Christian Mbulu (82), 16 Sam Bantick (67), 17 Micheal Alaile

Ryman League North: Brentwood Town 1 Harlow Town 2

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Brentwood Town vs Harlow Town

Harlow Town remain unbeaten after four games with a 2-1 away win to Brentwood Town at The Brentwood Centre.

Alex Read grabbed the opener within the first minute of the match but Brentwood didn’t respond till the second half and Harlow got the winner 18 minutes from the end to take all three points.

Harlow took the lead after only 30 seconds when a long clearance put Alex Read in and struck the ball on the half volley from outside the box leaving Olly Bowles stranded.

George Smith was replaced by Shane Stamp after a lengthy injury leaving him to limp off in crotches.

Fabian Simms went close to doubling the visitors lead just before the half hour mark from a dangerous free-kick but his header went over.

In injury time, after great play by Sherwin Stanley he played in Alex Akofi who was blatantly body checked by the Harlow Keeper after winning the ball but the referee waved away claims.

Substitute Stamp had the first chance of the second half, a shot from 25 yards which stun the hands of Bowles, down low to his right post.

Brentwood equalised in the 65th minute after a another great move involving Akofi who slotted in Sam Bantick who didn’t panic and cut the ball back to substitute Robbie Rees.

The away side responded eight minutes later after a corner wasn’t cleared, fell to Stamp who fired it across goal for Jared Small to guide it in.

Martyn Stokes had a shot just inside the box as the loose ball dropped to him but it was lashes just over the bar.

Brentwood huffed and puffed in the remaining ten minutes but couldn’t muster a chance to snatch a leveller.

Brentwood Lineup: 1 Olly Bowles, 2 Sam Cross, 3 Martyn Stokes, 4 Micheal Alille, 5 O’Rawe, 6 Dafner, 7 Sam Bantick, 8 Jason Dobbs (58), 9 Shad Ngandu (78), 10 Stanley (70), 11 Alex Akofi.

Subs: 12 Daryl Robson (78), 13 Courtney White (70), 14 Louis Baucutt, 15 Callum Webb, 17 Robbie Rees (58)

Harlow Town Lineup: 1 Edward Thompson, 2 Ben Glasgow, 3 Layne Eadie, 4 Micheal Tower, 5 David Kendall, 6 Fabion Simms, 7 Jared Small, 8 David Cowley, 9 Alex Read (84), 10 James Smith ©, 11 George Smith (12).

Subs: 12 Daniel Fry, 14 Chinedu Mckenzie (84), 15 Shane Stamp (12) , 16 Claudio Lorenzani, 21 Tristan Hickman

Attendance: 116