Essex finishes in style to top the group

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Essex Premier restored top spot in the last ICC group game after a great team performance to win 38-2 after only needing 23 to top the group last Sunday.

Barry Hedges kicked off proceedings with a 13-10 win after being 13-3 up, took his foot off the pedal for Chris Mann to shorten the deficit thinking ahead of the shots for the bonus points later on. The other singles game for the home side Mitchell Young could not repeat the same. After being close at the half way stage at 8-6, Trevor Brown continued to extend the gap and won comfortably 16-6. Little did we know that was to be the only lose for the home side, with Dom Reed partnered with his Dad, Nigel Reed got the points on the board with a 21-13 win against Nigel Willard and Jack Barrett. The other pairing for the home side Babs Morokutti and Adam Sultana saw off Norfolk’s young pair Josh Baxter and Morgan Warnes to win 16-10. Taking a 6-2 lead in to the second session.

The second session has superb performances from the triples with Dave Sifford, Tony Ealham and Matt Sifford winning in style after taking a 9-0 lead early on, went on to finished up 19-4. The other triple including Mo Binstead, Paul Bax and Peter Faultey come from 9-3 down dug in deep and clawed back the deficit end by end to win 12-10. The fours had a less stressful task as Sadie Young, Linda Lambert, Steve Killington and Anthony Faultey gained an 8-0 lead two thirds of the way through and kept the difference to win 11-3. The partnering four Sammy Lambert, Mark Chittock, Mark Saunders and Jack Sheperd got an early 7-0 lead and held on to win 9-6. Going into the break with a 14-2 lead needing only nine points in the next two sessions to top the group.

The third session was terrific from the home side with four great individual performances from each team. As Mitchell was in a tight battle with Chris Mann but managed to pull away near the end and make up for his morning performance to win 18-10. Barry also completed a great win against Trevor Brown to win 20-8. The pairs matched the singles with a solid win for Babs and Adam as they came through 14-6 against Nigel Willard and Jack Barrett. Dom and Nigel responded with an even better score line of 21-6 against young pairing Josh and Morgan. The home side securing both sets of bonus points after a turnover of seven shots in the singles to make the score 26-2, with the last session remaining.

Norfolk were looking to regain some pride in the final session but Essex were not determined to let up with great spirit from the whole team. The triples continued their good form with a 11-5 win for Dave, Tony and Matt. The other triple made hard work of their victory after being 6-3 behind, again kicked on and gained a 10-5 lead but only scraped the win with a 11-10 victory. The fours also make hard work of their wins as Sam, Mark, Mark and Jack took an early 7-3 lead and hung on to win 9-7. The final four to finish Sadie, Linda, Steve and Anthony finding themselves 6-3 after dropping a six dug in deep and needed three on the last end. With John Sparham left with last bowl to clear one of the three counting bowls managed to sneak through the gap for the home side to complete the win 38-2. As Mitchell finishes up being the only player to lose for the home side, after a great team performance fm Essex Premier to top the group.

Essex will now have to wait for the draw to see who they will meet in the knockout stages of the ICC which will be played in late January.


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