Elite League: The Lakeside Vortex Hammers 53 Wolverhampton Wolves 40

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Lakeside Hammers vs Wolverhampton Wolves

Lakeside Vortex Hammers vs Wolverhampton Wolves

The Lakeside Hammers continue their fine home form as they tame Wolverhampton Wolves 53-40 at Essex Arena on Friday.

The Hammers stay top of the Elite League and maintain the three point gap between them and King’s Lyn despite playing vastly more meetings than the chasing pack.

The opening heat was eagerly anticipated with the arrival of World Champion Tai Woffinden but Richard Lawson got out in front and dominated the race picking up the win with Woffinden struggling splitting heat one three apiece.

The Hammers put their foot on the gas and stretched to an early lead as Adam Ellis won heat two with Ben Morely who had to scrap for second place against Ashley Morris.

Captain Davey Watt guided his side to consecutive 5-1 victories as he won race three with guest for Mikkel Bech, Scott Nicholls  to hold off Ricki Wells to gain a 13-5 lead.

Heat four was split as Lawson stormed to victory whereas Morely was blocked out by the visitors. The home side extended their advantage as Peter Karlsson went round the outside of Scott Nicholls on the last bend to take the race win as well as a 5-1 to increase their margin to 12 at 21-9.

The away side put the tactical ride to good use as Piotr Pawlicki and Woffinden picked up a one two and an 8-1 heat to bring it back to within five.

The Hammers edged heat seven as Richard Lawson gained his second win of the night with Ellis also picking up a point. The Hammers got back to 5-1 race wins in heat eight after the stoppage for Jason Thorsell who fell, as Davey Watt and Lewis Bridger picked up maximums points to maintain the away sides deficit.

Heat nine was split as Ben Morely revved to victory but Ellis despite accompanying Morely for three laps his chain snapped on the last lap. Race ten was a rare away win for Pawlicki narrowing the score to within nine points.

The last four heats were about consolidating the three match point and heat 11 was split as Davey Watt won the race but guested Nicholls span on lap three.

Race twelve involved the two in-form riders for The Hammers as Richard Lawson sped to victory with Morely in second to extend their lead to 13 at 44-31.

With the final three heats the World number one won race 13 and got a 4-2 to bring the score back to 46-35. In heat 14 Adam Ellis was swapped for Ben Morely as the safer option to make sure of the win as Bridger and Morely came through with another 5-1.

The final race made it three wins out of five for Pawlicki with Nicholls picking up second to bring the score to 53-40 and continuing The Hammers unbeaten home run, ahead of their next home game against King’s Lyn in the sky meeting this coming Monday.

The Hammers next meeting is away to Poole on Wednesday night and looking to improve on their latest away results despite their good performances.

Heat Results

Heat 01: Lawson, Thorssell, Woffinden, Karlsson 3-3 Time: 59.20
Heat 02: Ellis, Morley, Morris, Jacobs – Retired 5-1 8-4 Time: 60.40
Heat 03: Watt, Nicholls, Wells 5-1 13-5 Time: 59.20 (Pawlicki – Excluded)
Heat 04: Bridger, Thorssell, Morris, Morley 3-3 16-8 Time: 59.50
Heat 05: Karlsson, Nicholls, Wells, Proctor 5-1 21-9 Time: 59.00
Heat 06: Pawlicki – Tactical Ride, Woffinden, Watt, Bridger 1-8 22-17 Time: 59.30
Heat 07: Lawson, Proctor, Ellis, Jacobs 4-2 26-19 Time: 59.40
Heat 08: Watt, Bridger, Wells 5-1 31-20 Time: 59.40 (Thorssell – Fell / Excluded)
Heat 09: Morley, Morris, Jacobs, Ellis – Retired 3-3 34-23 Time: 61.00
Heat 10: Pawlicki, Karlsson, Wells, Lawson 2-4 36-27 Time: 59.80
Heat 11: Watt, Woffinden, Proctor, Nicholls 3-3 39-30 Time: 59.30
Heat 12: Lawson, Morley, Thorssell, Morris 5-1 44-31 Time: 60.40
Heat 13: Woffinden, Nicholls, Pawlicki, Karlsson 2-4 46-35 Time: 59.20
Heat 14: Bridger, Morley, Jacobs, Proctor 5=1 51-36 Time: 60.00
Heat 15: Pawlicki, Nicholls, Woffinden, Watt 2-4 53-40 Time: 59.40



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