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Elite League Speedway: Lakeside Vortex Hammers 47 King’s Lynn Stars 43

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Start of Heat one
Start of Heat one

The Lakeside Hammers end the league leaders King’s Lynn Stars 14 meetings unbeaten run with a 47-43 home victory at Arena Essex on Friday.

The Hammers came from an eight point deficit in heat six to overturn that into an eight point lead going in to the last heat.

The only consolation for the leaders was that they went back to Norfolk with a point which they picked up in the final heat.

Niels Kristian Iverson took heat one after he passed Richard Lawson off the first bend and the race win with stand-in captain Richard Lawson and Peter Karlsson following in second and third.

Adam Ellis lead off the first bend in heat two but Lewis Blackbird went by to take heat two with Ben Morely in third. Scott Nicholls guested for the away side and picked up three points in his first race as Rory Schlein followed for an early 7-11 lead.

King’s Lyn extended their lead to 15-9, as Blackbird stepped in and held off a great effort from The Hammers guest Ben Barker who had to settle for second. Heat five was split as Schlein won from the start as Karlsson and Lawson could not find a way round.

Nicholls gained his second win of the night and added to the Stars lead as Barker settled for second again as the visitors stretched their lead to eight points.

Lawson started The Hammers comeback in race seven as he held off Robert Lambert and Adam Ellis kept hold of third to draw the score back to within six. The real meeting changer was heat eight with Mikkel Bech and Barker’s 5-1 victory after Jan Graversen fell on the first bend which brought the score to 23-25.

Race nine was split after Blackbird beat Morely to the line with Ellis in third. The Hammers kicked on again and lead for the first time in the evening in heat ten as ‘The Awesome’ Richard Lawson with the victory and Bech held off Lambert all the way to the line and a two point advantage 31-29.

Karlsson increased the home side’s margin to four as he won race 11 but Iverson passed Bech to avoid the 5-1 which left the score at 35-31. Lawson and Morely reversed their eight point deficit to an eight point lead as Lawson allowed Morely to take the victory on the line.

The table toppers fought straight back with a 5-1 themselves as Iverson won and Nicholls supported in second after he passed Karlsson which brought the score to 41-37.

The Hammers were rewarded for their hard fight back with a guaranteed two home points going in to the final heat as guest Barker sped to victory followed by ‘Southend Sensation’ Ben Morely with the score at 46-38.

The final heat made sure The Stars went home with something to show for their efforts with an away point as Nicholls won another race with Iverson in support for second to complete the meeting at 47-43.

The Lakeside Vortex Hammers were delighted ending the away sides unbeaten run and finish the month unbeaten themselves. As they now have a deserved two week break until they welcome Wolverhampton Wolves to the Arena on the 5th of July.

Heat Results

Heat 01: Iversen, Lawson, Karlsson, Graversen 3-3 59.4
Heat 02: Blackbird, Ellis, Morley, Rose 3-3 6-6 60.1
Heat 03: Nicholls, Schlein, Karlsson, Bech 1-5 7-11 59.2
Heat 04: Blackbird, Barker, Graversen, Morley ret 2-4 9-15 60.3
Heat 05: Schlein, Karlsson, Lawson, Lambert 3-3 12-18 59.3
Heat 06: Re-run Nicholls, Barker, Iversen, Bech 2-4 14-22 59.0
Heat 07: Lawson, Lambert, Ellis, Rose 4-2 18-24 59.5
Heat 08: Bech, Barker, Schlein, Graversen frem 5-1 23-25 59.4
Heat 09: Re-run Blackbird, Morley, Ellis, Rose 3-3 26-28 60.3
Heat 10: Lawson, Bech, Schlein, Nicholls 5-1 31-29 59.3
Heat 11: Karlsson, Iversen, Bech, Lambert fell 4-2 35-31 60.1
Heat 12: Morley, Lawson, Blackbird, Graversen 5-1 40-32 61.1
Heat 13: Iversen, Nicholls, Karlsson, Barker 1-5 41-37 59.3
Heat 14: Barker, Morley, Blackbird, Lambert 5-1 46-38 59.8
Heat 15: Nicholls, Iversen, Karlsson, Bech 1-5 47-43 59.2



Elite League: The Vortex Lakeside Hammers 58 Belle Vue Aces 32

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The Vortex Lakeside Hammers returned to form tonight, with a solid team performance,  dominating the Belle Vue Aces, with a 58 – 32 point victory.

The Hammers set their stall out from the very first heat, with skipper Davey Watt leading home Richard Lawson, who smartly moved wide on the last two bends to keep Matej Zagar in third.  Fast track reserve pairing Adam Ellis and Ben Morely continued the home domination in heat 2, as Stefan Nielsen delivered a 360 degree spin on the fourth bend.

Mikkel Bech and Peter Karlsson entered the Arena to keep the pressure on in the third, with the Danish star stalking and swooping round Nicholls to follow his team mate home.  Former Hammer Richie Worrall finally managed to stem the home advantages in the next race, initially taking the lead after Lewis Bridger got slightly out of shape on the homestraight at the end of the first lap, but Bridger showed speed and his class to retake the lead by the fourth bend of lap 2.

Normal service resumed in the fifth, with Watt gating and Karlsson getting the better of Nicholls around the first and second bends. Zagar appeared as a nominated tactical in the following heat, but was left trailing after a sharp first and second bend by Bech and heat winner Bridger. Ellis and Lawson teamed up for further 5-1 before Nicholls and Bridger gave it the proverbial Hammer and tongs in the 8th, with the Aces star on a black and white tactical.  Fourth after missing the start, a determined Bridger, made up ground on Nicholls, before the pair traded hard passes, with the home rider coming out on top.  Words were exchanged as the rider left the track, as the Hammers established a 30 point lead.

Ellis was excluded for a second bend tumble in the second reserves race, the re-run of which Morley won at a canter.  Watt again lead from the tapes in the 10th, with Nicholls and Worrall keeping Lawson at the back.  Zagar gated in the eleventh, with Bech and Karlsson in hot pursuit, and the Danish star swooping round on the third and fourth to take the chequred flag.

After an initial re-run due to movement at the start, Richard Lawson was then excluded after coming down on the first bend in heat 12, in what could easily have been described as first bend bunching. In the third running of the race, Morley tried everything but couldn’t quite get the better of Worrall.

Zagar and Nicholls finally produced a maximum heat advantage for The Aces in heat 13, to add some respectability, before Bridger secured his third win on the night in the penultimate race, earning a heat 15 nomination, along with Peter Karlsson from the Hammers guest team manager Phil Morris. Zagar and Nicholls again teamed up to secure a 5-1 for the Aces, with Bridger suffering a puncture, but the three league points had already been safely secured on a confidence boosting night for The Hammers.

Heat Results

Heat 01: Watt, Lawson, Zagar, Worrall. 5-1…59.4
Heat 02: Ellis, Morley, Payne, Nielsen (Fell) (5-1)…10-2…60.6
Heat 03: Karlsson, Bech, Nicholls, Palm Toft. (5-1)…15-3…58.8
Heat 04: Bridger, Worrall, Morley, Nielsen. (4-2)…19-5…59.5
Heat 05: Watt, Karlsson, Nihcolls, Palm Toft. (5-1)…24-6…59.0
Heat 06: Bridger, Bech, Zagar, Nielsen. (5-1)…29-7…58.8
Heat 07: Lawson, Ellis, Palm Toft, Payne. (5-1)…34-8…60.5
Heat 08: Bech, Bridger, Nicholls, Worrall. (5-1)…39-9…59.7
Heat 09 (Re-Run): Morley, Payne, Nielsen. (3-3)…42-12…60.3
Heat 10: Watt, Nicholls, Lawson, Worrall. (4-2)…46-14…59.7
Heat 11: Bech, Zagar, Karlsson, Palm Toft. (4-2)…50-16…59.5
Heat 12 (Re-Run X2): Worrall, Morley, Nielsen. (2-4)…52-20…60.8
Heat 13: Zagar, Nicholls, Karlsson, Watt. (1-5)…53-25…59.3
Heat 14: Bridger, Palm Toft, Ellis, Payne. (4-2)…57-27…60.0
Heat 15: Zagar, Nicholls, Karlsson, Bridger. (1-5)…58-32…59.5