Elite League: Lakeside Vortex Hammers 47 Eastbourne Eagles 43

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Start of Heat 11The Lakeside Hammers grabbed two home points against local rivals Eastbourne Eagles on Friday night with a 47-43 victory.

‘The Hammers’ overturned a six point deficit with five races remaining to win by four points as the stormy weather loomed.

Kim Nilsson returned to the side for ‘The Hammers’ in his first home meeting for the claret and blues after the departure of veteran Peter Karlsson as Eastbourne used rider replacement for Mikkel Michelsen.

Eastbourne took an early 4-2 lead in the first race after Richard ‘Awesome’ Lawson was excluded for falling. Bjarne Pederson got to the bend first and took the win holding off Davey Watt in second as Timo Lahti was third.

Lewis Blackbird won heat two keeping Adam Ellis and Ben Morely at bay to hold their slender lead. The visitors extended their lead as Joonas Kylmakorpi held off Lewis Bridger to extend their gap to 4-11.

Kim Nilsson got ‘The Hammers’ first win of the night in race four as Morely struggled to assist him but kept the meeting in the balance. The home side then stepped it up with a 5-1 as captain Davey Watt and guested rider Rory Schlein levelled up the scoreline.

Although this was short lived as ‘The Eagles’ rolled of two 5-1 reverses in races six and seven with Timo Lahti aided by Pederson taking the first and Cameron Woodwood followed up by Blackbird to lead 25-17.

The hosts fought straight back with their second 5-1 of the night as Bridger won heat eight aided by the fresh Nilsson. The away side stretched their lead to six with a 4-2, Blackbird won once again as Daniel Halsey followed in second.

‘The Hammers’ held on in race ten as the visitors claimed another race win for Pederson (R/R) but stopped Eastbourne from extending their lead with Lawson and Watt in second and third.

The comeback began in heat 11, owed to Schlein as he won and Bridger made a pass from the back to second on the third bend on lap one and stood firm for the 5-1 with the deficit at 32-34.

Blackbird replaced Halsey in race 12 and after his collision with Lawson brushed himself down and won as he took his third win of the night but ‘Southend Sensation’ Ben Morely and Lawson made second and third.

Lakeside went in front for the first time of the evening with a 5-1 as Schlein won another race assisted by Watt as he past Pederson on lap two to lead 40-38. Heat 14 was taken by the visitors as Woodwood  won but after Morely replaced Ellis tactically the home side held on to their lead taking second and third.

In the penultimate race and as the rain started to fall the skipper stepped up to the plate for ‘The Hammers’ to secure the win and valuable guest Schlein helped in third to take the victory and two precious home league points.

Lakeside Hammers had an away fixture at Leicester Lions which was postponed due to bad weather on Saturday and will go on their travels again tonight at Wolverhampton Wolves.

Action at the Lakeside Arena will continue next Friday in the form of a challenge match as Essex play Kent featuring Ben Morely and Adam Ellis from ‘The Hammers’.

Heat Results

Heat 01: Re-run Pedersen, Watt, Lahti 2-4 60.3
Heat 02: Blackbird, Ellis, Morley, Halsey 3-3 5-7 60.4
Heat 03: Kylmakorpi, Bridger, Woodward, Schlein 2-4 7-11 59.9
Heat 04: Nilsson, Lahti, Blackbird, Morley 3-3 10-14 58.9
Heat 05: Watt, Schlein, Kylmakorpi, Woodward 5-1 15-15 58.8
Heat 06: Lahti, Pedersen, Bridger, Nilsson 1-5 16-20 58.7
Heat 07: Woodward, Blackbird, Lawson, Ellis 1-5 17-25 59.3
Heat 08: Bridger, Nilsson, Lahti, Kylmakorpi 5-1 22-26 59.7
Heat 09: Blackbird, Morley, Halsey, Ellis 2-4 24-30 60.0
Heat 10: Pedersen, Watt, Lawson, Kylmakorpi 3-3 27-33 59.2
Heat 11: Schlein, Bridger, Pedersen, Woodward 5-1 32-34 59.2
Heat 12: Re-run Blackbird, Morley, Lawson, Lahti 3-3 35-37 60.3
Heat 13: Schlein, Watt, Pedersen, Halsey 5-1 40-38 58.6
Heat 14: Woodward, Nilsson, Morley, Halsey  3-3 43-41 59.5
Heat 15: Watt, Pedersen, Schlein, Woodward 4-2 47-43 60.4

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