Essex stumble away at Norfolk

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Essex Premier were defeated 25-15 after a poor performance away to Norfolk as they took advantage to go top of the ICC group.

Essex were two points in front of the hosts but Norfolk now go eight points clear of Essex with two games left to play.

Adam Sultana kicked proceedings off against Chris Mann which was tight at the half way stage at 5-5 but Mann pulled away as he won 17-8.

Matt Dillon struggled after going 14-7 behind against Neil Davidson after nine ends but kept the score line down as he lost 16-12.

Mo Binstead and Barry Hedges could not overturn an early deficit but kept the tie tight for the bonus points with a 17-15 defeat to Jack Pye’s pairing.

Babs Morokutti and Dom Reed stopped the rot and savoured a clean sweep against John Sparham’s pair after they came from 11-5 down to go in front. They lost the lead going into the final end but Reed’s last bowl secured a much needed two points as Norfolk took an early 6-2 lead.

The second session was a slight improvement for Essex but losses still leaked as Del Coates, Mitchell Young and Jack Shepard lost despite swapping 11-7.

Linda Lambert, Paul Bax and Fred Gugeon also came from behind to get back to 10-10 with two ends to play but lost 15-10 against Melvin Woods’ triple.

Ian Arthur, Sammy Lambert, Tony Ealham and Steve Killington gained a valuable point on the last end after they got a four against David Lamb’s quartet to draw 9-9.

Debbie Tomlinson, Nigel Reed, Keith Paxman and Anthony Fautley romped home to win 14-3, with Norfolk going in at the break 11-5 up overall.

In the second half Essex were on the hunt for a comeback and for all Dillon’s efforts was edged out from being 8-5 in front as Mann won by three 13-10.

Sultana was on a mission to recover a 16 shot difference for the bonus points and it was in his sights at 18-2, with two ends to play. Davidson recovered on the last two ends which got Norfolk the singles bonus points as Sultana won 18-4.

Binstead and Hedges again went behind early on as they were 9-0 down after four ends and were kept at arm’s length by Sparham’s pair as they won 15-9.

Morokutti and Reed could not beat Pye’s pair as they also won 18-11 and secured the bonus points also in the pairs, which sewed up the win for Norfolk after the third session at 21-7.

The final session was a vast improvement with Essex’s first session win of the day as Coates, Young and Shepard controlled their match and won 15-6.

Lambert, Bax and Gugeon came off worse as they fell heavily to a 15-3 defeat against Cook’s triple which sealed the two bonus points for Norfolk in the triples.

Arthur, Lambert, Ealham and Killington put in a solid performance as they won comfortably 12-4 against substitute Selwyn Goldsmith’s four.

Tomlinson, Reed (Senior), Paxman, Fautley were 9-7 behind after six ends but responded and won 13-10 to gain the bonus points which finished the contest at 25-15.

Essex Premier will now look to bounce back next weekend as they host Oxfordshire at Stonyhills next Sunday.

Players Ratings

Adam Sultana 6 ½ /10

Dom Reed 7/10

Mo Binstead 6/10

Barry Hedges 6/10

Babs Morokutti 7/10

Matt Dillon 6 ½ /10

Del Coates 8/10

Mitchell Young 7/10

Jack Shepard 6 ½ /10

Linda Lambert 6/10

Paul Bax 5 ½ /10

Fred Gudgeon 5/10

Debbie Tomkinson 7/10

Nigel Reed 7/10

Keith Paxman 7/10

Ian Arthur 7/10

Sammy Lambert 7/10

Tony Ealham 7/10

Steve Killington 7 ½ /10

Anthony Fautley 9/10*



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