The Rico Spring Classic: The Lakeside Vortex Hammers 45 Rico’s All Stars 45

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Rory Schlein won the Rico Spring trophy in the penultimate heat as the evening ended in a fitting 45-45 draw to the Rico Spring Classic at the Arena.

The meeting was tight throughout with hardly anything to separate both sides with 11 of the 15 heats split 3-3.

The new Lakeside Hammer riders experimented throughout the charity event, in name of former Hammer Lee Richardson who passed away in 2012.

The opening heat was won by last year’s Hammer captain Davey Watt for the All Stars as he lead from the first bend, followed closely by Kim Nilsson and Andreas Jonsson.

Sky Sports Speedway commentator Kelvin Tatum came out of retirement- for one night only, for a great occasion to show his experience as he won the reserve race in heat two.

Richard Lawson for ‘the hammers’ took heat 3 to keep the score level at 9-9. Edward Kennett’s debut could not have gone better with a heat victory but neither side could take advantage despite Nilsson winning heat five, as the score remained level at 12-12.

‘The hammers’ broke the deadlock in heat six with newbie Kennett as he took his second race win- supported by the return of Danish star Mikkel Beck in second to take the first 5-1 of the evening, to open up a four point gap.

The split heats continued in seven and eight as Kings Lynn asset Rory Schlein won heat seven and Kennett took no time settling down in heat eight, to notch up his third race victory.

The All Stars pegged their way back in heat nine as Richie Worrall won- supported by former Lakeside Hammer Ben Morely, to take a 4-2 heat and brought the score to within two at 28-26.

Davey Watt gained his second race win but Lawson and Bech denied The All Stars further points.

The All Stars levelled up the meeting at 33-33 after heat 11, as Schlein grabbed his second race victory- Nilsson split the All Star riders in second but Scott Nicholls snapped up third for another 4-2 heat.

New hammers reserve rider Ashley Birks popped up with a victory in the reserve race but split the overall heat- Nicholls took heat 13 splitting yet another race to bring the scores to 39-39.

In heat 14 Kennett was riding well until he and Worrall collided- Worrall was disqualified but despite only Schlein racing he got his third race win and managed another split heat, to go into the nominated heat 15 42-42.

In the final heat Schlein burst out the gate and sped to victory to take the Rico Spring crown but Nicholls in second overdid the second from last bend on the final lap and swept out Lawson on the outside. Nicholls was consequently disqualified and the race was awarded with Nilsson in second and Lawson took third to end the night inseparable at 45-45.

Heat Results

Heat 01: Watt, Jonsson, Nilsson, Sedgmen 3-3 59.5
Heat 02: Re-run Tatum, Birks, Ellis, Morley 3-3 6-6 61.8
Heat 03: Re-run Lawson, Schlein, Nicholls, Bech 3-3 9-9 60.4
Heat 04: Re-run Kennett, Morley, Worrall, Birks 3-3 12-12 61.4
Heat 05: Nilsson, Tatum, Sedgmen, Ellis 3-3 15-15 60.0
Heat 06: Kennett, Bech, Watt, Nicholls 5-1 20-16 60.6
Heat 07: Schlein, Lawson, Jonsson, Worrall 3-3 23-19 59.9
Heat 08: Kennett, Sedgmen, Tatum, Birks fell 3-3 26-22 60.8
Heat 09: Worrall, Nilsson, Morley, Ellis 2-4 28-26 60.7
Heat 10: Watt, Lawson, Bech, Sedgmen 3-3 31-29 60.3
Heat 11: Schlein, Nilsson, Nicholls, Jonsson 2-4 33-33 60.4
Heat 12: Birks, Morley, Tatum, Ellis 3-3 36-36 60.2
Heat 13: Nicholls, Lawson, Jonsson, Watt ret 3-3 39-39 60.5
Heat 14: Re-run Schlein, Bech, Kennett 3-3 42-42 60.3
Heat 15: Schlein, Nilsson, Lawson, Nicholls excluded 5-1 45-45 Awarded


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