Essex Premier edged out by Norfolk

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Essex Premier were narrowly defeated in the Inter County Championship 21-19 against Norfolk at Deanes School.

That now confirms Norfolk’s qualification into the knockout stages and top spot, with Essex now two points behind Kent after their 21-19 victory over Surrey yesterday.

Essex were without key players once again, Jake Atrill, Anthony Fautley and Paul Bax who were all unavailable ahead of the fixture.

The hosts flew out the traps, as Dom Reed and Jack Pye went head to head in the first singles match as they ended up unseparated at 13-13.

Mitchell Young had another battle with Gary Best and was just able to come through with a 15-13 victory.

The Essex pairs also applied the pressure, as Del Coates and Chris Coates held off Dave Lamb’s duo 14-11.

Babs Morokutti and Alan Jones followed suit with a 15-8 win over John Sparham and Simon Warnes. To give Essex a 7-1 lead.

Norfolk fought back in the second half, as Mark Chittock, Greg Wade and John Pye were beaten 13-7.

The other triple Phil Banner, Alan Kay and Nigel Reed also came off on the wrong end of a 19-7 defeat to Mark Linscell, Morgan Warnes and Simon Willies. 

In the fours Essex held their own with Mo Binstead, Ian Arthur, Steve Killington and Keith Paxman who won handy 16-5 against the Norfolk quartet. 

The other Essex four made up of Emily Poulter, Linda Lambert, Matt Dillon and Dave Wooller were unlucky to fall to a narrow 9-6 defeat.

For Essex to hold on to a slender 9-7 advantage at the break.

Norfolk then asserted their authority, as Pye held off Young 15-10. Reed was also just beaten on the last end by Best 11-10 for Norfolk to take the bonus points.

In the pairs, Sparham and Warnes just did enough to hold off Coates and Coates 16-15. The other pair Morokutti and Jones were also involved in a tight match but got the victory 13-12 and claimed the bonus points – as Norfolk took the lead for the first time overall 15-13.

The game went to wire, with Norfolk edging closer to the victory as Poulter, Kay and Reed were beaten 20-12 by the Norfolk trio headed by Keith Cooke.

Essex did snatch a victory in the triples as Wade, Chittock and Pye who picked up a big last end to overturn a 10-7 scoreline to win 12-10 but lost out on the bonus points.

In the fours Norfolk sealed the victory, as Melvin Woods quartet won comfortably 17-8 over Binstead, Arthur, Killington and Paxman to get to the 21 points.

Essex were not done yet, as every point counted for them with Banner, Lambert, Dillon and Wooller who won 13-8 victory and held on to bonus points to end up with 19 points. 

Essex now took ahead to three weeks time for the final round of matches as they host Surrey. 

While Norfolk travel to Kent where it becomes a one game shootout for Essex and Kent in order to snatch that final qualification spot.


Essex Premier record narrow home victory

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Essex premier gained their first home victory after a slender 22-18 win over a resilient Kent side at Deanes School.

A brilliant second session from Essex was ultimately the difference between the sides as they swept the session and a took a commanding lead.

But a late surge from Tim Rycraft’s side in the second half put Essex on the back foot but managed to creep over the line with the bonus points.

Essex were again without key players as, Antony Fautley, Dave Wooler, Mo Binstead, Linda Lambert, Alan Kay and Dom Reed all unavailable.

In the first session, Kent took command of the singles as Rycraft beat Barry Hedges 16-10 and Matt Dillon lost heavily 23-9.

Essex had better fortune in the pairs, as Babs Morokutti and Chris Coates came from behind to snatch victory 16-14 over Nicky Bartlett’s duo. In the other pairing Del Coates and Paul Bax just got over the line to win 13-12 against the Kent pair – to split the session 4-4.

In the second session Essex took control of the tie, as Phil Banner, Nigel Reed and Alan Jones won comfortably 15-10.

The game of the session came in the other triple, as Greg Wade, Mark Chittock and John Pye came from 12-6 down to win late in the day 16-14 against Gary Allard’s trio.

In the fours, Essex has two debutants in the side Josh Woods and Jake Atrill alongside two veterans Ian Arthur and Mitchell Young who came through 12-5.

The other quartet, had yet another close match but Kay Debenham, Emily Poulter, Steve Killington and Keef Paxman edged out the Kent four to win 8-5. To take the clean sweep in the session, to lead overall 12-4.

After the break Kent came out and made it difficult for Essex, as they again cleaned up in the singles with Hedges and Dillon both being narrowly edged out 17-15 and 14-11. To bring the scores back to 12-8 as they picked up the bonus points.

But Essex found some points when needed, as Morokutti and Coates won with ease 20-10 and secured the bonus points. Despite Bax and Coates who lost 15-7, to leave Essex with a small advantage 16-12 going into the last session.

Essex’s reliable triples put the hosts close to victory, as Wade, Chittock and Pye won 15-13 against the Kent trio. The other triplet Banner, Reed and Jones lost on the final bowl as it agonisingly fell of the side of the mat after a pause for Allard’s triple to take an 8-7 win. Essex held on to the bonus points and got to the holy 20 points at that stage.

In the fours, Kent reversed the first round of fours, as Debenham, Poulter, Killington and Paxman lost out 10-8. The other quartet also came off worse, as Arthur, Woods, Atrill and Young lost 14-7 but despite defeat held on to the rink’s shots by one to take the 22-18 victory.

Essex lost overall on shots 198 to 189 but now take their opening win onto their travels, as they go to Kent 16 points behind them in third, for the reverse fixture in two weeks’ time where they look to repeat their victory.

Essex Premier stamp authority in ICC opener

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Essex Premier strode to a 33-7 victory in their Inter County Competition opener against Surrey Premier, at Stonyhills.

Essex lost just two games throughout the match and performed above Essex manager Adam Sultanas’ target of 32 points.

Although Surrey left with promise, having more points than their previous visit to Essex as they continue to improve.

In the first session, Essex went unbeaten as Barry Hedges opened his account by a huge margin with a 23-4 win.

New pairing Chris Coates and Peter Fautley followed suit with another solid performance as they won 16-5. Sultana also set by example, as he won 16-10 to give Essex the perfect start.

To complete the first session, Matt Dillion and Mitchell Young struggled out of the blocks and trailed 12-9 going into the last end but scraped a draw, to give Essex a 7-1 lead.

The second session was tight across all four mats as Mo Binstead, Paul Bax, Phil Banner, and Anthony Fautley won their close match on the final end against Surrey Captain Derek Johns 9-8.

Greg Wade, Tony Ealham and Matt Stifford were narrowly beaten despite the late comeback from 11-7 down, as they came up just short and lost 11-10.

The other Essex trio Debbie Dillon, Alan Kay and Linda Lambert fought back from behind to grab another worthy draw as they picked up a three on the final end to finish level at 9-9.

On the flip side, Babs Morokutti, Del Coates, Steve Killington and Craig Burgess held on for a draw as they lead 10-7 in the final end but had to settle for a three – to split the session 4-4 with Essex leading 11-5 at the break.

In the third session, Essex claimed the overall victory with a clean sweep, as Sultana raced to a 25-6 victory. Hedges responded to his counterparts’ success to claim a comfortable 18-8 win and secured the singles bonus points.

Fautley (Senior) and Coates (Junior) were the standout performers with an impressive 21-4 scoreline.

The other Essex duo, Dillon and Young found their feet and completed the full house with a 16-11 victory and the bonus points in the pairs, to lead 23-5 going into the final session.

In the last session, Essex continued their dominance as Wade, Ealham and Stifford lead from the off and held the Surrey triple at bay, as they won 13-7.

Dillon, Kay and Lambert could not repeat their earlier comeback as they fell to an 11-6 defeat, although gained the bonus points by one shot.

In the fours, Morokutti, Coates (Senior), Killington and Burgess made no mistake as they ended with a flourish, as they won 15-7.

To complete the rout Binstead, Bax, Banner and Fautley (Junior) kept their foot on the gas as they won 11-5, to claim the fours bonus points and an overall 33-7.


Players Ratings:

Barry Hedges- 8/10

Adam Sultana- 8/10

Peter Fautley- 8 ½ /10 *

Chris Coates- 8 ½ /10 *

Matt Dillon- 7/10

Mitchell Young- 5 ½ /10

Greg Wade- 7/10

Tony Ealham- 7/10

Matt Stifford- 7/10

Debbie Dillon- 7/10

Alan Kay- 7/10

Linda Lambert- 7/10

Mo Binstead- 7 ½ /10

Paul Bax- 7 ½ /10

Phil Banner- 7 ½ /10

Anthony Fautley- 7 ½ /10

Babs Morokutti- 7 ½ /10

Del Coates- 7/10

Steve Killington- 7 ½ /10

Craig Burgess- 7 ½ /10

Essex relieved after tie break victory

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Essex Premier are through to the semi-finals of the Inter County Cup after a dramatic 2-1 tie break victory, after a 20-20 draw at Bristol Indoor Bowls Centre.

Cornwall made a great resurgence in the final session as they won all four mats and the bonus points from 20-8 behind, to take the contest to a tie break.

Dominic Reed and Barry Hedges won their individual tie breaks to take the win and will play Cheshire Premier next week.

Essex made a great start to the match with an early 6-2 lead, Hedges put the first two points of the board with a 19-9 victory. Adam Sultana had a tight affair against Cornwall’s team manager Nigel Nicholls but managed the win on the deciding end to win 12-10. Reed and Babs Morokutti swept aside Elise Daniels pairing 16-10. The final game of the session in the pairs, Mitchell Young and Matt Dillon fell to a 14-10 defeat to the consistent David Studden and his partner.

Neither side could gain an advantage in the second session, Jack Shepard’s triple with Linda Lambert and Tony Ealham were behind for the entirety but kept the score down as they lost 14-8. Mo Binstead, Barry Clarke and Paul Bax after switching came from 9-3 down to snatch the victory on the final end as they won 10-9. The fours also had a mixed bag as Debbie Tomlinson, Tony Orpin, Nigel Reed, Keith Paxman strode into an early lead and won 14-7. The final game before the break, Sammy Lambert, Rachel Cordy, Steve Killington, and Anthony Fautley had a tight encounter against team captain Peter Hore but the Cornwall quartet came out on top as they won 10-6.

Essex led 10-6 at the break and were infront on three of the four bonus points.

Essex extended their advantage with another 6-2 session, Sultana breezed to a 23-7 victory. Hedges made a late fightback but could not manage to gain anything from the game as he lost 14-12, but still wrapped up the bonus points in the singles. Reed (Junior) and Morokutti had a comfortable 19-9 win, Young and Dillon also won 16-12 to respond from their first match to take bonus points and go into the last session 20-8 infront.

Essex only needed a point to go through but Cornwall had other ideas as Lambert, Clarke and Bax were heavily beaten 13-2. The other triple, Binstead, Ealham and Shepard were holding game on the last end from 9-5 down but Nick Truscott’s last bowl stopped the Essex side from the victory, as they won 10-5 and lost the bonus points. Tomlinson, Orpin, Reed (Senior) and Paxman could not stay with the Cornwall four as they fell to a 14-7 defeat. The last to finish was Lambert, Cordy, Killington and Fautlley needing three to take Essex through but lost 11-9 and failed to hold on to the bonus points as it went to the tie break.

In the tie break Essex opted for Hedges, Reed (Junior) and Fautley and Cornwall elected for Hore, Nicholls and Studden. In the first tie break Reed faced Studden and won as Studden missed his last bowl, to give Essex a 1-0 lead. Fautley faced Nicholls and had his final bowl to win the match for Essex but just ran through. The decider was Hedges who faced Hore, Hedges put the pressure on and Hore’s last bowl was poor, to give Essex the victory to face Cheshire in the semi-final.

Essex will play Cheshire at Church Gresley next week, joined by Essex A who will face Somerset A.

Players Rating

Matt Dillon- 6/10

Mitchell Young- 6/10

Jack Shepard- 5/10

Rachel Cordy- 7/10

Keith Paxman- 6 ½ /10

Debbie Tomlinson- 6 ½ /10

Anthony Fautley- 6 ½ /10

Tony Ealham- 6/10

Tony Orpin- 6/10

Nigel Reed- 6/10

Adam Sultana- 8 ½ /10

Babs Morokutti 8 ½ /10

Barry Hedges- 8 ½ /10

Barry Clarke- 7/10

Mo Binstead- 6/10

Linda Lambert- 6/10

Sammy Lambert- 7/10

Paul Bax- 6/10

Dominic Reed- 9 ½ /10 *

Steve Killington- 6/10




Essex A claim top spot

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Essex A finish top of the group after another great team performance as they won 29-11 against Cambridgeshire at Stonyhills.

Essex only needed 25 points to secure mathematically top spot in the group and gives Essex a great chance of getting a bye to the quarter-finals.

Pauline Child set the standard as she knocked up the shots as she won 18-7.

Roger Dover was 11-11 after 11 in his match up but fail to score a shot after that as he lost 18-11.

The Essex pair Shirley Newman and Colin Addis maintained their recent form as they made easy work of their first game with a 13-6 victory.

The young duo in Mark Chittock and Sadie Young made the Cambridge pair pay as they took their chances as they won 20-6, to take a 6-2 lead into the second session.

Greg Wade, Pat Goodchild and Phil Banner breezed past their opponents with a 19-4 win.

Rita Blackhall, Michelle Squires and Tony Hayes could not replicate their team mates as they just lost 9-6.

Rob Wade’s quartet of Racheal Cordy, Peggy May and Dave Chittock eased to a 15-5 victory.

The other Essex four, Frank Amoss, Eileen Smith-Allen, Paul Cairnes and Peter Debenham edged their game with a 10-8 win, with a repeat of the first session and lead 12-4 at the break.

In the third session Child’s had a tougher game than her first but she came through with a 20-16 victory.

Dover was did not get out the blocks and fell to a heavy 18-5 defeat which cost the singles bonus points by four shots.

Newman and Addis made it two wins out of two with a copy of their first as they won 13-6.

Chittock and Young had a tight game which went down to the final end as they were in front by one but held of the pair, as they won 15-12 and secured the bonus points to lead 20-8 overall.

In the final session the Essex triple Wade (Junior), Goodchild and Banner sped to an easy 15-5 victory.

Blackhall, Squires and Hayes won with an easy 13-1 which secured the bonus points as the triples only dropped two points out of the 12.

Amoss, Smith-Allen, Cairnes and Debenham were content with a 7-7 draw, which avoided the loss.

The final four to finish was Cordy, May, Chittock and Wade (Senior) as they kept their game tight as they lost a narrowly 8-7.

Which claimed the fours bonus points to finish 29-11 with Essex on 208 shots to Cambridgeshire’s 141, to secure top of the table and qualify for the knockouts.

Essex will have to wait and see if they get a bye to the quarter-finals or have to play a prelim.

Essex A lose first game this season

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Essex A lost their first game of the season narrowly to second place Suffolk 22-18 at Stonyhills as they remain top.

The overall game went down to the wire as the whole tie was determined by the final bowl of the triples as Suffolk came out on top.

Pauline Childs stormed to an emphatic 22-4 victory to get Essex off to a great start. Paul Cairns could not replicate that as he lost out 13-6.

Shirley Walker and Colin Addis were full of energy as they got an early lead and extended it as they won 15-5.

Despite a comeback from young pairing Mark Chittock and Sadie Young they almost got a draw as they were 13-10 down last end but only managed the two as they lost 13-12, to level the session.

Suffolk were stronger in the second session as Rita Blackhall, Michelle Squires and Tony Hayes were beaten 9-7.

The only win of the session for the home side came from Greg Wade, Pat Goodchild and Phil Banner as they won narrowly 13-12.

Peter Snelling, Eileen Smith-Alan, Frank Amoss and Peter Debenham went down heavily 13-1.

Racheal Cordy, Peggy May, Dave Chittock and Rob Wade put in a great performance but after they went in front on the final end let it slip as they lost 10-9, as Essex trailed 10-6 at the break.

Essex were determined to fight back and the consistency of Childs continued as she won 12-11 to give the hosts some momentum.

Cairns narrowed the gap in his second game but was unable to win as he lost 12-9 but still claimed the bonus points in the singles.

Walker and Addis were stunned as they could not repeat their first performance as they were beaten by a large margin 18-6.

Chittock (Junior) and Young got back to winning way as they saw off the Suffolk pairing 12-10 but narrowly lost out on the bonus points by one shot, as Essex went into the final session 16-12 down.

Snelling, Smith-Allen, Amoss and Debenham reversed their earlier defeat and won comfortably 11-3.

Cordy, May, Chittock (Senior) and Wade (Senior) this time edged out the other Suffolk four 9-8 but unfortunately lost out on the bonus points by three shots.

Wade (Junior), Goodchild and Banner managed to also win 14-9 to bring Essex into great contention with the final triple still playing.

Blackhall and Hayes had to part with the withdrawal of Squires who was replaced by Terry Matthews for unforeseen circumstances. Which saw them get edged out 11-8 and lost the bonus points by a single shot their final end to finish up 22-18.

Essex will now face Cambridgeshire in their final game at home in a few weeks and carry a 21 point lead over Suffolk despite their loss today.


Essex Premier make it a hat-trick

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Essex Premier won a comfortable 23-17 against Norfolk Premier in their first home game of the season at Stonyhills.

Norfolk’s slow start found them 12-4 down at the break but brought themselves back into the game after the third session. Essex saw them off in the final session as they closed in on their third win.

Although both sides were without full strength sides as Essex were without Dominic Reed and Nigel Reed whereas the visitors missed Jack Pye and Chris Mann.

Adam Sultana got the home side off the mark as he held off Neil Davidson as he won 13-9.

Peter Fautley made a great comeback from 10-6 down to be 13-10 up in the last end and managed to hold on to the points despite the last gasp measure.

Babs Morokutti and Matt Dillon had a tight game throughout with John Sparham and his partner but went in front towards the end to claim a 16-13 victory.

Another dramatic comeback came from Barry Hedges and Mo Binsford against Teresa and Selwyn Goldsmith. After they came from 12-4 down to snatch the last end from a fortunate bowl of Hedges as they won 15-14.

Del Coates, Mitchell Young and Jack Shepard overturned a 5-2 score line to be 8-6 up in the final end which they only dropped one shot as they won 8-7 against Melvin’s triple.

Linda Lambert, Paul Bax and Fred Gugeon clawed back a bad start from 9-3, as they lost 13-10 against Keith Cooke’s triple with Debbie Sparham.

Debbie Tomlinson, Phil Banner, Keith Paxman and Antony Fautley kept their opposition quiet as they plodded to a 10-5 victory.

Ian Arthur, Sammy Lambert, Tony Ealham and Steve Killlington struggled and were beaten 15-4 against David Lamb’s rink, which gave Essex 12-4 lead at the break.

In the third session Sultana deadly performance put the singles bonus points out of sight for Norfolk as he won 24-6.

Fautley (senior) had a tight affair against Davidson with the scores balance throughout. Fautley was 10-9 down in the last end but narrowly missed out as Davidson won 11-9.

Morokutti and Dillon unfortunately lost against both Goldsmith’s but kept the shots tight for the other pair as they fought back from 13-7 down, as they lost 14-11.

Hedges and Binsford came from behind again but this time the win was too much of a stretch as Sparham won 15-14 but chose a tame attempt to take the bonus points as they shared the points.

The session gave the away side an opportunity in the final session at 17-11. Coates, Young and Shepard were 12-11 up last end but dropped a killer two to cost them the victory.

Lambert, Bax and Gugeon again lost another tight game, at 8-7 last end but could not gain any shots as they lost 10-7 again Wood’s triple. Which made sure of the bonus points for Norfolk and level the match.

Tomlinson, Banner, Paxman, Fautley (junior) regained the overall lead as they got an early superior lead which was enough as they won 12-6 against Lamb’s rink.

Arthur, Lambert, Ealham and Killington redeemed themselves with a sharp 14-2 victory which also sealed the bonus points which sealed the victory 23-17 with 193 overall shots to Norfolk’s 164.

Essex will now travel in two weeks time for the reverse fixture to Norfolk where they will look to continue their run and extend it to four.

Players Ratings:

Adam Sultana- 9*

Peter Fautley- 6 1/2

Babs Morokutti- 6 1/2

Matt Dillon- 6 1/2

Barry Hedges- 7

Mo Binsford- 6 1/2

Del Coates- 7

Mitchell Young- 7

Jack Shepard- 5

Linda Lambert- 6

Paul Bax- 6 1/2

Fred Gugeon- 6 1/2

Debbie Tomlinson- 7 1/2

Phil Banner- 7 1/2

Keith Paxman- 7 1/2

Antony Fautley- 7 1/2

Ian Arthur- 6

Sammy Lambert- 6 1/2

Tony Ealham- 6 1/2

Steve Killington- 6 1/2